Hypnosis & NLP Certification- Steve G Jones Online Hypnosis training

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This online hypnosis certification was developed by Steve G. Jones, and he is working hard to teach people. The program is designed for those interested in knowing what nlp vs hypnosis entails.

He has made available quite some number of online hypnosis courses and classes. He dedicates his time teaching people the way to hypnotize correctly. In fact, you can improve in any area of your life using the online hypnosis training.


About The Author

Steve G. Jones has been a certified clinical hypnotist for more than twenty {20} years. Within this period, he has thought a lot of  students and has worked tremendously with his clients.

He is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Also he is a member National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotists. He is the Founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotist and member of the International Registry of Clinical Hypnotists, amidst others.

Why You Need Steve Jones Hypnosis Training?

You don’t need to waste unnecessary time because you have all the information you need to perform nlp hypnosis techniques.

Graduates from this program also receive life time support from the American Alliance of Hypnotists. Furthermore, Steve Jones online hypnosis training is affordable.

 Basic Hypnosis

This is the major and basic nlp certification training online course offered up on the website; it is more of introductory and does not involve extreme difficult details.

There are eight modules in total. The first one is said to be introductory, and this module aids one in learning ways by which he can control the environment, the responsibilities that accompanies the job, the recording of a session and a modern day hypnosis techniques.

Module 2 is based on pre-talk only.  Students will be thought about the talk they are supposed to engage in with their patients before the actual process of hypnotism. This is where one basically carries out different talks to earn their trust.

Module three, four and five are known as Induction, Deepening and Scripts respectively. In the first two stages, you are expected to get involved in a  state and then deepen that state.

In the area of scripts, one will learn how to deliver the positive messages. Also you will learn how to open subconscious mind of the patient. Students will be educated on how to prepare their own scripts.

Amnesia and Trance Termination is extensively discussed in module six and seven. While in Amnesia, people will be taught how to erase the hypnotic session from a person’s memory. So that they don’t lay excess emphasis it.

In Trance Termination, one learns how to bring a person back to consciousness. The session will come to an end with a final examination.

Advanced Hypnosis Certification Course

The advanced hypnotherapy online course entails a detailed professionalism. It is often taking by people who wish to put in more effort in acquiring advance knowledge about hypnosis.

As I pointed earlier, Steve Jones hypnosis training involves seven separate modules. The last stage is said to be the Final examination stage.

Nuero Linguistic programming {NLP} is one of the most powerful methodologies for helping people to make dramatic shifts in their lives.

It is based on the idea that with our physical senses we were able to only perceive a small part of the world.

Our view of the world is filtered by our experiences, beliefs, values and assumptions. Nlp and hypnosis embodies several techniques that can change the way people think, learn and communicate.


Is It a Scam?

It is most likely that you will have some form of doubt about Steve Jones hypnosis & NLP certification program because there are lots of scams today.

Am recommending Steve Jones hypnosis and NLP certification program to interested minds because it is not a scam. And you do not need to panic over the authenticity of the information provided about this eBook. Because it comes with full money back package within 60 days of purchase if it does not satisfy your curiosity.

It will proficiently be of high benefit to you and the result will be enormous.


  • Steve G Jones hypnosis & NLP certification provides you with some reliable methods in solving your problems.
  • It is a very reliable method.
  • Steve Jones NLP course comes with full money back guarantee.
  • It will aid you in becoming a highly motivated worker.
  • You will improve drive, performance and work ethics.


  • After you must invested some finance in acquiring the knowledge of hypnosis and nlp certification, but later you later discover that there are some factors that can hinder your source of motivation.
  • You need to pay for the change you crave for, and after obtaining this desired change, you may be confronted with other demanding objectives that may make you feel you need to put in more effort. It is a major challenge.
  • It comes only on soft copy, which means you have to spend some money in making the print out if you can’t read it via the PC.

Final Verdict

Steve G. Jones hypnosis & NLP certification guide is the one way solution to your emotional traumas. If you are seeking for the best hypnosis program then steve jones hypnosis and NLP certification is you.